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SIEVEA 502. Electromagnetic Vibratory Sieve Shaker

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SIEVEA 502 Electromagnetic Vibratory Sieve Shaker is designed and manufactured to meet higher requirements for sieving in the lab.The instrument is in fact a sieve shaker in the lab.It consists of sieve base, electromagnetic generator, sieve holder and standard test sieves.SIEVEA 502 uses electromagnetism as driving force, distribute the powder uniformly throughout the screen,and do three-dimensional oscillation at the same time.This particular vibratory method effectively prevents the blockage of sieve holes by near-sieve particles. So that the undersize particles can effectively passed the sieve. According to the particle size grade numbers the user can choose standard test sieve with different mesh size.The sieving instrument has higher work efficiency and less noise, and is widely used in medicine, food and chemical industry etc.



The electromagnetic vibration drives the standard sieve vibration to let undersize particles pass the mesh and oversize particles stay on the sieve.
Separation, grading and particle size analysis of powder materials such as food, medicine, chemical industry, abrasive, mining, pigments, powder metallurgy and ceramics.
-Sieving Size Range:20-2,500 um
-Standar Test Seive Dia.:200/75 mm
-Max Sample Loaded Sample:3,000 g
-Size:35 x 35 x 25cm (Sieve height excluded)
-Max Sieve Numbe:9
-Weight:Net 38 kgs
-Simple structure, easy maintenance
-High efficiency, accurate sieving
-Small size, lightweight
-Small noise, adjustable amplitude
-Sieve adhesion or blocking effectively prevented
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