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HMK-GF6 Impact Sieve

Date:2019-04-12 Traffic:1128

HMK-GF6 Rotap Sieve Shaker is a lab test sieve. Sieving and tapping is carried out at the same time. Such design removes effectively the particles that block the sieve orifice and makes for passing through efficiency of other particles. It secures the good and repeatable test results. and is widely used in powder sieving and testing applications such as geological, metallurgical, chemical, construction, and medicine, etc.

HMK-GF6 Rotap Sieve Shaker is one of testing equipment used in lab sieve analysis, which is consist of baseplate, sieve, transmission parts, etc. with special holder,the holder can be ф200 standard screen,ф75, ф100 screen sets, flexible and easy setup, strong clamping and automatic shutdown.

Sieve Dia mm Φ200,Φ100,Φ75
Sieves Number layers 5
Test Sieve Φ200mm Unit 1
Rotation r/min 290±6
Tapping r/min 156±3
Tapping Height mm 38±6
Levelness of the base mm/min ≤0.6
Rotation distance mm 25
Power (kw) 0.37
speed (rpm) 1400
Configuration dimensions mm W x D x H = 433 x 432 x 785
Weight kg 213

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