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SIEVEA 501 Test Sieve Shaker

Date:2019-04-12 Traffic:1117

SIEVEA 501 vibrating test sieve shaker is a laboratory sieve shaker that uses an eccentric weight mounted on upper and lower ends of electric motor shaft to transform the motor rotary motion into three elementary motions (horizontal, vertical, inclined). After that it passes the motion to screen surface. Professional shaking makes the materials tumble, rotate and jump at the same time. It gives accurate and repeatable sieving analysis results each time the operator uses it. SIEVEA 501 works with standard test sieves to measure the particle size distribution of granular or powdery materials. It can also be used to determine the solid or impurities content in liquid.

If your sample is relative light or electrostatic kindly view our HMK-200 Air Jet Sieve.
Voltage: 220V
Power: 180W
Frequency: 60 Hz
Standar Test Sieve Diameter: 75/100/150/200mm
Max. Tier: >5
Force: 3KN
RPM: 1,400
SIEVEA 501 is small in foot space and quiet in sieving and shaking operation. It is light in size and has become an ideal bench top test sieve shaker in laboratories. It works smoothly without noise. Good airtight performance prevents the powder getting inside. It works with very high sieving performance.
Multi-layer standard test sieve feature flexible movement and original design gives SIEVEA 501 a safe and reliable continuous operation.
Highly-precise screening contributes to very accurate sieving test results. It is has become the best sieving equipment in determining particle shape, particle size distribution and other relevant inspections.
SIEVEA 501 test seive shaker requires little maintenance.
Suitable for both coarse and fine sieve analysis.
It is a widely used test seive shaker in many industrial applications including production, laboratory, quality control in applications of metallurgy, powder, chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials, geology, national defense etc.
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