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LABULK 331 Fertilizers Loose Bulk Density Tester

Date:2019-04-12 Traffic:1322


LABULK 331 Fertilizers Loose Bulk Density Tester
The bulk densities(loose and tapped) of a fertilizer provide information relative to the required size of packaging materials,store-houses,stock-room,etc.Generally,the bulk density(tapped) is up to 10% greater than the bulk density (loose), and sometimes it may exceed this value. Both bulk densities depend on the actural density, surface form and particle size of the fertilizers.
The bulk density (loose) can be used to calculate the maximum volume of a given weight of fertilizer which may be expected in practice. The actual volume occupied by a given weight of fertilizer will normally be within the range calculated from the bulk density (loose) and the bulk density (tapped).
LABULK 331 is made up of a funnel (stainless steel 304), funnel support and stand, a calibrated density cup (stainless steel 304), spatula, cover plate etc.
Pour into the closed funnel a quantity of the fertilizer greater than that needed to fill the measuring cylinder. Fully open the slide of the funnel so that the contents discharge into the measuring cylinder in 6 s to 12 s.
If the fertilizer does not flow freely, keep the outlet clear by inserting a rod of 3 mm to 4 mm diameter into the opening.
When the cylinder overflows, closed the outlet of the funnel and scrape away the surplus fertilizer using the spatula or other suitable tool. Avoid vibration of the filled measuring cylinder.
Remove the measuring cylinder from below the funnel and weigh its contents to the nearest 1 g of the total mass.
Carry out two determinations, in rapid succession, on separate test portions taken from the same test sample.
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