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LABULK 335 Automatic Tap Density Tester 7“ Touch Panel Control

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LABULK 0335 is an intelligent tap density tester used to measure the tap density of powders. It consists of touch panel, printer, electronic balance, tap assembly, motor and glass cylinders. LABULK 0335 is designed according to all known international standards The parameters are flexible to set in order to get results as per users diversified requirements. In addition to auto measurement, auto print and auto calculation of tap density, LABULK 0335 can also automatically measure the flowability of this powder such as Hausner Ratio and Compressibility Index.





Physical Property to measure: tap density

Hausner ratio, Compressibility Index

Sample Loading Volume: 5-250 mL

Timing range: 0-99999 sec(freely set)

Counting range: 0-999999 (freely set)

Tap height: 3 or 14 mm

Frequency: 250/300(freely set)

Measurement: W33 x D 31 x H23 cm

(Cylinder excepted)

Power: 220V/110V/50/60Hz



All * basic functions

New generation of operating system, control the operation by 7” LCD precisely

Automatic communication check between host and modules and host and accessories.

Alternative testing mode, tap time or number freely set

Tap height selection, being printed on the test report

In addition to default frequency, user can freely set any rpm to meet special requirement

In addition to tap number, user can freely set any tap number to meet special requirement.

During test all the set parameters are visible to understand and evaluate working conditions

RS-232 connects host and balance, weight number automatically shown on LCD

Simply a touch to print reports in very detail

Flowability such as Hausner ratio or Compressibility are obtained during measure tap density

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