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HMKisizer 110 particle image analyzer

Date:2019-04-10 Traffic:1141

Due to the variety of powder morphology, HMKisizer 110 image analyzer was selected for testing with the aid of laser particle size analyzer, so as to achieve more accurate and intuitive particle size morphology and control and analyze the product quality. The system consists of optical microscope, USB camera, image analysis software, computer and printer. The main process of image analysis is: the sample is imaged under a microscope. The image of particle morphology captured by the camera is transmitted to the computer, and the morphology of powder particles is directly observed on the computer. Through the calculation and analysis of proprietary software, the distribution data and images of particle number, area, girth, diameter, volume, length-diameter ratio and short-diameter ratio are obtained. Meanwhile, data distribution charts such as D10, D50, D90, D97, average particle size and surface area are provided. The test results can be saved by computer, and the particle size distribution data and image can be printed.

1. image processing function: the image can be processed such as brightness, contrast adjustment, gray conversion, color conversion, segmentation, deletion, rotation, smoothing, cutting, paste, filtering, scaling and filling. Batch processing can also be performed on multiple graphs to increase the number of particles, improve the representativeness of samples, and make the processing results more accurate, authentic and reliable.
2. data processing function: after image processing, the computer automatically calculates data and graphics of particle number, area, girth, volume, diameter, circularity, length-diameter ratio and granularity distribution.
3. printing function: it can print original images and reports of analysis results in Chinese and English ( including particle size distribution data, distribution graphics, particle number, length-diameter ratio ), etc.

1. powder material: Mineral powder such as diamond, carborundum, grammite, quartz powder, barium sulfate, graphite, lithium cobalt oxides, boron carbide, white corundum, ceria mica powder, carbon powder, metal powder, etc.
2、 solid material:crystal structure of ceramic surface, crystal structure of metal and alloy surface, crystal structure of other opaque object surface.
3、means and methods for validating other granularity tests.

The software function is powerful, may according to the profession special request, designs the abrasive special software and grammite special software. The full-plane field achromatic objective lens is used. the maximum resolution is 0.07 micron, the maximum optical magnification factor is 1600, the maximum printing magnification factor is 4000(A4 breadth). Multiple formats can be output as needed.
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