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HMKisizer 108 nano laser particle size analyzer

Date:2019-04-10 Traffic:1961

According to ISO13320、ISO13321 and other international standards, dynamic light scattering and photon correlation spectrometry are adopted. The particle size distribution can be calculated by using the phenomenon of the fluctuation of the scattering of particles to the laser by the different Brownian motion of particles in the liquid. The test result is saved by computer automatically and it is easy to check and print. It is the first choice instrument for nanometer material production and application field.

Measurement of particle size distribution of solid powder and emulsion slurry in different fields such as nano coating, nano-metal powder, nano ceramics, nano oxide, protein, polymer latex, oil paint, pigment, printing ink and all other nano materials research, production and use industries.

1、testing range: 1nm~10000nm
2、signal light source: wave length 405nm uprated imported semiconductor laser。
3、detector: high gain and low noise photomultiplier(PMT)。
4、test accuracy: repeatability erro of average particle size test is ≤5%(standard sample)。
5、temperature range: temperature range 5~45℃,test precision of temperature is 0.01 degree
6、testing time : 2~5 minutes, it also can be optional between 10 to 180 seconds,there can be single, multiple, and continuous online testing.
7、test results:Table and plot of the 108 grade grain grade, data of integral, differential distribution, average particle size, surface area and typical cumulative distribution, frequency distribution, 10%, 50%, 90%, 97%,average particle size and specific surface area etc. fully characterized sample’s grain size characteristic. The results can be printed directly or converted into formats such as image files and text files.
8、analysis software:It is compatible with Windows XP/Windows 7 and has a friendly operation interface. The Chinese and English versions are available for selection.
9、sample pool volume:Configure 2 sample pools. 2.5 ml uncirculated test sample pool and 500ml peristaltic circulation sample pool.
10、operation method:Automatic test and manual test are selected by software menu. it can be optional between 10 to 180 seconds per time,there can be single, multiple, and continuous online testing.
11、instrument volume: length 680mm wide 340mm height 530mm
12、working power supply: AC220V±22V 50Hz

1)a unique thin seam sample pool is used to improve the signal to noise ratio of the collected signal.
2)the original multi-dispersion analysis algorithm can quickly analyze the multi-dispersion and single-dispersion particle system and calculate the particle size distribution and average particle size data.
3)direct real-time testing of sample temperature avoids measurement errors caused by the temperature gradient of sample pool and thermostatic system.
4)intelligent autocorrelator is used to automatically select the best parameters for testing.
5)automatically select the best test parameters( such as channel number and delay time), the test speed is fast, the test can be automatic and continuous, the work is stable and reliable, and the test process is fully automatic under the control of computer.
6)according to the requirements, external circulation system can be selected and set into the online detection mode.

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