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AS-200 Scott Volumeter︱Bulk Density Tester︱Powder Testing

Date:2011-06-04 Traffic:7141

AS-200 Scott Volumeter and Bulk Density Tester determines apparent density of non-free-flowing powders according to ISO,ASTM and MPIF International Standards.

AS-200 Scott Volumeter is designed and manufactured according to International Norm ISO 3923-2 Metallic powders -- Determination of apparent density -- Part 2: Scott volumeter method. It meets the USP Chapter 616 Method 2 and ASTM B 329 completely. It is used to determine the apparent density of fine powders.




Put powder on the sieve (18 mesh) set in the funnel complex, then the powder flow naturally or being driven into the chamber, passing four stainless steel chips at angle of 25 degree and square funnel until being loaded into the receiving cup(25ml ± 0.05ml). The receiving cup is exactly 19mm from the bottom of the funnel. Finally weigh the loaded bulk powder.

● Top Funnel Complex: Made up of two cone-shaped stainless funnels, between them a stainless sieve (18-mesh or as per use's requirement) is set in.
● Chamber: the transect is square, 4 glass chips are set in the aluminum frame, the front and back side is synthetic glass; glass boards are easily pulled out for easy cleaning.
● Square Funnel: galss chip (Thickness 1mm) at angle of 60 degree, bottom size is 12.5mm×12.5mm
● Cylindrical Receiving Cup: volume 25ml, net weight 46±1,made in stainless steel
● Iron Base:Support top funnel complex, chamber, square funnel and cylinder cup.
● Balance:Weigh powder to the accuracy of 0.05g (Necessary but not included)

It is used to determine the apparent density of those difficult to flow through funnel (Dia. 5mm) in Funnel Method or those susceptible to change properties in case of Vibration Funnel Method.


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