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Labulk-0312 Arnold Density Meter

Date:2019-04-13 Traffic:1473

Labulk-0312 Arnold Density Meter is a product used to measure the apparent density of powders. This instrument enables the user to determine the density of any powder or mix, whether or not the powder has flow characteristics. It simulates the action of the feed shoe of the press. The values obtained on metal powders are approximately 0.2 g/m3 higher than those obtained with the Hall,Test method ASTM B 212;Carney,Test method ASTM B417; or Scott,Test Method ASTM B 329,instruments.



Arnold Meter Test Method
This test method consisits of slowly sliding a bushing partially filled with powder over a hole in a hardened steel block, collecting and weighing the powder, and calculating its apparent density.
Arnold Meter Apparatus
-steel block
-weighing paper
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