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HMKisizer 105 laser particle size analyzer( dry and wet dual use)

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A new type of laser particle size analyzer integrating dry process and wet process with quick test, simple operation and good repeatability. Wet process sampling system includes ultrasonic dispersion, sample pool, peristaltic circulation pipeline etc. dry process sampling system includes mute air compressor, air filtration separation purifier, dust extraction system, dust storage tank. The instrument has a wide range of applications and meets the needs of different industries.


Measurement of particle size distribution of dry powder and emusion in fields such as ferrite, neodymium iron boron, hard magnetic powder, soft magnetic powder, cobalt powder, electronic material, pesticide, pigment, medicine, ceramic, cosmetics, coating, food, calcium carbonate, talcum powder, kaolin, papermaking, alumina, rare earth, catalyst, vesicant, refractory material, cement, graphite.
1、testing range: wet process 0.02μm~2000μm; dry process 0.02μm~2000μm
2、testing philosophy:Full scale Mie scattering, diffraction theory and proprietary calculation. No need to grade. It is in accordance with ISO13320 series of international standard principles and use national standard material for proofreading.
3、testing accuracy : repeatability error of 50% volumetric cumulative particle size value <±1%(national standard)
4、signal light source: dual light sources structure. main light source laser wavelength 0.635μm,auxiliary light source purple light. long service life, good stability, service life is generally more than 10 years
5、light path system:single beam and double lens technology is adopted to ensure full reception of scattered light in front, back and side.
6、detector parts: mainboard 80 grade、subpanel 16 grade multinunit detector. It is arranged in front, back and side with a maximum detection angle of 165 degrees.
7、testing time: wet process1~2 min per time dry process less than 1min per time
8、dispersion medium: wet process:from water or other liquids dry process:compressed gas
9、sample pool: wet process:volume 500mL build-in 50W ultrasonic dry process: The volume is more than 20g
10、Operating method:
Dry process test: put the sample into dry process sample pool and then click” dry process test”. Automatically open/close the air source. The entire test is done in 1 minute under computer control.
Wet process test: click the menu” wet process test” then the water comes in to the sample pool itself. When promoted “powder test”, put about 1g of powder into the sample pool. Dispersion, stirring, circulation and cleaning were completed within 2 minutes under computer control.
11、software sunning: Windows XP/Windows 7(32bit),RS232 serial communication
12、testing result: D10、D25、D50、D75、D90、D97、volume average particle size and other data,particle size distribution table,distribution curve. Test report format is easy to switch, data can be exported in many ways, many distribution models
13、instrument volume: mainframe: length 860mm wide 460mm height 520mm auxiliary engine:length 660mm wide 320mm height 900mm
14、working power supply: AC220V±22V  rate of work:900W
15、environmental requirement: clean,temperature:5-35℃

1)It integrates dry process and wet process. It can not only detect the type of magnetic materials such as neodymium iron boron, powder and cement which can not be dispersed with water, but also detect all kinds of dry powder and emulsion.
2)during the dry process test or wet process test,no need to replace any parts. Computer control under the direct key conversion completed, easy to use.
3)The instrument contains three main parts which are mainframe, auxiliary engine and oil free silent air compressor. The craft structure is reasonable and beautiful. the auxiliary engine is accessory of dry process test which contains gas pressure regulation, filter purifier, dust extraction system, dust storage tank, etc.
4)the circulating system, ultrasonic dispersion and sample pool of the wet process test are all set inside the host. Full sea anti-interference ability is strong. Effectively prevent dust pollution. Automatically centering and zero calibration under the computer control before the test.
5)Dry process uses a unique design dry process method dispersion system (patent).under the control of the automatic test program, the dry spray gun create the opportunity for the particles to fully disperse and rotate, collide with each other, and collide with the wall of the machine, thus ensuring that the particles are monomer when measuring.
6)。After the sample is loaded into sample site for dry test, it can be tested continuously and automatically with the control switch. Automatically save the test results.
7)equipped with oil free silent air compressor, low noise, small volume, power saving, simple maintenance, safe and durable, long running time and other advantages.
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