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HMKisizer 103 Laser particle size analyzer (wet process)

Date:2019-04-10 Traffic:1087

An updated and new generation of laser particle size analyzer which contains all the advantages of laser particle size analyzer. It has unique device to realize instantaneous dispersion and instantaneous measurement, so as to guarantee good repeatability and stability. Fast testing speed. Each test sample will be completed within 1 minute and can be tested continuously and automatically. The test results are automatically analyzed and saved by the computer to facilitate the printing.

Measurement of particle size distribution of solid powder and emulsion slurry in different fields such as scientific research institution, electronics, chemical industry, paper, medicine, ceramics, building materials, food, coating, manganese carbonate, pesticide, pigment, titanium dioxide, coal water slurry, cosmetics, abrasive, calcium carbonate, talc, kaolin, alumina, rare earth, catalyst, foaming agent, refractories, cement, graphite, pearlescent pigment.

1、testing range: 0.1µm~500µm
2、quality requirements: according to the Q/70920531-0.1-2016 standard,
3、calibrate with standard powder
4、sample pool: volume 500mL,304 material all stainless steel
5、measurement accuracy: repeatability error of 50% volumetric cumulative particle size value <1%(national standard)
6、the signal source: imported semiconductor lasers,wave length 635nm,3mw,life>25000h product grade:level 1
7、light route design: parallel optical road design, stable and reliable, up to ISO13320, ISO13321 series of international standard principles
8、measurement range :there are three grades;super micro powder、micro powder、coarse powder.
9、detector: 76 degree multivariate detector
10、operating method: put the powder into the sample pool according to the menu prompt then the test is completed automatically under computer control.
11、dispersion mode: built in 60w ultrasonic disperser. Ultrasound time, mechanical stirring(100-600 turn/minute adjustable), peristaltic cycle time can be set as required
12、dispersion medium: tap water(distilled water and ethanol are also available) etc.
13、sample amount: mg~g per time(related to the specific gravity, particle size and refractive index of the sample)
14、data processing: Mie theory and proprietary analysis software .
15、instrument volume: length740×wide360×height530(mm) weight:about 65kg
16、working power supply: AC220V ±22V 50Hz ±0.5Hz:
17、environmental requirements: temperature:5℃~35℃;humidity:<85%;

1)It intergrates optics, circuit, sample pool, ultrasonic dispersion, stirring cycle and automatic cleaning. The measured samples flow in the pipeline for a short time, which avoids the stratification and reagglomeration of the samples after dispersion, so as to ensure the test repeatability and stability, and reach the measurement level of similar instruments abroad.

2) Advanced molding process structure, namely measuring unit and sampling system integrated, beautiful appearance, easy operation and maintenance. Large-angle multi-integrated detector is used to test high resolution.
3)easy and simple to handle,just click the “automatic test” button. According to the suggestion, put the tested sample into the sample pool and complete the whole measurement process (it contains measurement parameter selection, centering, background measurement, concentration adjustment, signal sampling, data analysis, making report etc.) automatically under the control of computer.
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