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HMKisizer 104 automatic laser particle size analyzer ( dry process)

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In the field of powder particle size testing, magnetic materials, powder, cement, lithium carbonate, chemical and other kinds of powder that should not be tested by water ( wet process ) are usually measured by laser particle size analyzer ( dry process). The laser particle size analyzer ( dry process ) , with a unique device to realize instantaneous dispersion, instantaneous measurement, so as to guarantee the instrument repeatability and stability. The instrument is quick in test, fully automatic and stable in result and it is the first choice for various industries to test the distribution of dry powder granularity.

Particle size test of solid powder in various fields such as magnetic materials, medicine powder, cement, powder coating, chemical engineering, food, pesticide, electronics, papermaking, metallurgy, ceramics, building materials, grinding material, calcium carbonate, talcum powder, kaolin, alumina, rare earth, catalyst, foaming agent, padding, graphite, pigment etc.

1、testing range: 0.02μm~2000μm full range segment for testing,no need to grade 。
2、test philosophy:Mie scattering, diffraction theory and proprietary calculation。
3、software running: Windows XP/ Windows 7(32 bit),RS232 serial communication。
4、repeatability error: D50 particle size repeatability error≤3%(state standard)。
5、testing time: data sampling time1~2 second,each test is less than 1 minute,can test continuously and automatically
6、gas pressure: 0.1~0.8Mpa,it can be adjusted according to powder characteristics.
7、the laser device: wave length 0.635μm. the service life is long, and the actual use is more than 10 years. Double light source, UV light as auxiliary light source
8、testing report:Chinese and English versions are available. cumulative percentage particle size、distribution table and distribution curve. Meanwhile, data such as D10, D25, D50, D75, D90, D97, volume average particle size(D4,3), area average particle size (D3,2) and surface area are provided. Various patterns such as free distribution, lognormal distribution, R-R distribution
9、working environment: temperature:5~35℃ humidity:<85%
10. working power supply: AC220V±22V 50Hz consumed power:500W
11、instrument volume: mainframe 860×460×420(mm) auxiliary engine:660×320×900(mm) weight:about 130kg

1)The instrument has three parts: mainframe, auxiliary engine ( it contains filter separation purifier, dust extraction system, dust storage tank), oil free silent air compressor. Intergrated optical-electromechanical whole sealing structure, effectively prevent dust pollution, strong anti-interference ability, system automatic recovery pf powder.
2)The unique design of 92 photoelectric detector arrays makes the measurement precision and resolution ratio extremely high. Directly test the powder without adding dispersant and solvent.
3)easy and simple to handle,just click the “automatic test” button. According to the suggestion, put the sample into ample injection parts and complete the whole measurement process (it contains measurement parameter selection, centering, background measurement, concentration adjustment, signal sampling, data analysis, results’ storage, query, compare, edit etc.) automatically under the control of computer.

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