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AS-300A Automatic Hall Flow Meter

Date:2018-10-29 Traffic:3430


AS-300A is an automatic type of hall flowmeter, it automatically measures the flow rate of metallic powders. In addition it can also measure the apparent density of metal powders. It meets higher requirement of study in flow rate and apparent density in many industries and applications. It uses a sensor to sense the flowing of the powder and automatic stop and show test results, it fully eliminates the human factors that affect the repeatability and accuracy of the test results and saves a lot of time of the operator.






Physical Property to measure 1: flow rate

Physical Property to measure 2: apparent density

Sample Loading Volume: 50 g

Timing range: 0-9999 sec

Measurement: W33 x D 31 x H23 cm

Power: 220V/110V/50/60Hz

Weight: 16 Kgs



Automatically measure flow rate of metallic powders

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