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HMKFlow 316 Aluminium Oxide Angle Of Repose Tester

Date:2017-07-03 Traffic:2721

HMKFlow 316 Aluminium Oxide Angle of Repose Tester is used to measure the angle of repose of aluminium oxide.




Measurement of the angle at the base of the cone of aluminium oxide obtained by allowing a sample to fall through a fixed distance from a defined funnel onto a horizontal base plate.


– Funnel, of stainless steel, having a nozzle of internal diameter 6 mm, fitted with a sieve of 1 mm retaining plates. The funnel is screwed into its support.
– Base-plate, of minimum length 270 mm and minimum width 200 mm. It shall be perfectly rigid and made of chrome-plated iron. On the polished surface of the base-plate, four straight lines are engraved at angle of 45 degree to each other; at their intersection is a locating pin to which the height block can be fixed. It is provide with three adjustable leveling feet.
– Funnel support, made in stainless steel and of substantial construction. It is designed so that the axis of the funnel is vertically over the central locating pin.
– Height block, consisting of a metal cylinder with polished faces of height 40 min. The base has a recess to engage the central locating pin of the base-plate.

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